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Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Do You Choose To Live Your Life?

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There are always days when the glass is empty just as there are always days when the glass is full to overflowing, but I believe it it how you see the glass in the bigger picture that counts the most - half empty or half full - pessimist or optimist - victim or survivor - you have the choice in everything you do.

Of course, I am not saying that you will never have a down day if you choose the 'half full glass' outlook on life - we can not be happy with our lot all the time. Sometimes you may have a job you hate, but have to stay with it as you have a family to support. Or maybe something bad has happened of late that has knocked you for six. The bills may be piling up and threatening to topple over and crush you. Or maybe you are, like me, quite often in pain through arthritis.

But I believe that even with these things happening, you have a choice.

My choice - 'half full glass' - for even on the worst day, I give thanks that I am alive - for is that not the one good thing you have each and every day? None of us know how long we will walk this earth, so give thanks that you have been given another day. A day that may be full of surprises and possibilities, take the time in each day to find something that lifts your heart, find joy in the rain, find warmth in the sun, find solace in writing in a diary, find friendship in cyberspace, enjoy the smell of your hot coffee, stop and smell a rose, smile at someone else just to share the joy, and love yourself - for you are a unique human being - there is no one like you anywhere else and isn't that an amazing thing.

Embrace each day and live it as if it is your last, for one day it will be - that is the one certainty all of us can count on.

So what do you choose?

Hugs from Perth on this bright sunny Sunday xxx


  1. I am an eternal optimist. I absolutely believe that life is for living and negative thoughts and attitudes are a waste of our valuable time.

    Hugs back from Adelaide! xx

  2. Half full glass. With a hefty dose of reality thrown in. ie, I can't hope for the best when my head tells me a situation is hopeless. But for the most part, happy and grateful that I have a glass at all!



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