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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some Sunshine and More

I have been a little remiss in blogging about some awards I have received for this blog. I suppose it comes down to feeling like I am 'blowing one's own trumpet' - which is not something I am normally comfortable in doing. However, the 2 lovely bloggers who passed these awards on should be thanked publicly and I apologise for my tardiness.

Melissa @ Suger Coat It has awarded me the Sunshine Award.

Sarah @ Just Me has awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award.

I thank you both for your generous comments about this blog. I enjoy popping in and reading both of you so much, so if anyone who reads this hasn't made the trip - I encourage you to do so, you won't be disappointed.

For the Sunshine Award I need to list some things that make my happy:

Spending time with:

My family
My 'sisters'


In Nature:

Blue skies with wispy white clouds
Butterflies flitting around my garden
Pelicans soaring on the thermals
Bird song in the morning especially magpies carolling
Looking out my study window at the beautiful climbing rose given to me by a friend

I need to pass these awards on, it was hard to narrow down the list, but choosing one blogger for each award, I am sending these to:

One Lovely Blog Award to Rianna at The Last Doll Standing - truly a beautiful blog tended to by a beautiful soul, always filled with lovely things.

The Sunshine Award to Tanya @ Meaningless Meandering from a Madmother - this mad mother has the most generous heart - reaching out just when she knows you need her. Thanks for always being there.

I always struggle with handing out these award type things, as all of my readers mean the world to me and all of you deserve to be awarded in some way or another.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's All In The Way You Look At It

As you know this is my blog where I try and spread my philosophy of seeing the glass as half full. I have said before it is not always easy to do. Today I have struggled, but I have got there - well almost.

Last night my son was assaulted and robbed. He was walking from the train station after finishing work and catching the train home - around midnight. He was minding his own business when he saw a person approaching from the other direction. This person asked him for a cigarette, there was a small conversation and then as he walked away was king hit from behind. He was knocked unconscious and then kicked in the head by the low-life, who then stole his bag that contained his wallet, his iPod, his house keys etc.

So where is the half full glass in this, well it is not immediately obvious, but here goes:

1. there was a witness who frightened the person away, called the police and ambulance and stayed with my son and reassured him as he started to regain consciousness.

2. my son was not badly hurt, yes he has concussion and is very sore, but he did not end up on life support, with a brain injury, or worse dead. There are no broken bones. Too often lately I have read about young men being king hit and dying, either immediately or their family having to turn off their life support.

I could focus on the horrible thing that has happened, and it has been hard not too, but I choose to give thanks and see the glass as half full. I still have my son, who I am sure will be scarred not only physically but emotionally for some time to come. But he is still here with us. He remembers none of the attack apart from someone asking him for a cigarette as they walked up to him in the dark.

Sure I feel like railing against the injustice, he was minding his own business, he didn't ask for the attack, but holding on to the initial anger and hurt I felt will not make my son feel safer in the world, nor will it turn back the hands of time. Putting that aside and being there for my son, supporting him in a positive manner, that will help him.

I would like to thank the good Samaritan, but my son doesn't know his name, or even which house he came from as he can't remember exactly where he was only the street. But should he ever remember I will try and personally thank this man for this kind heart. I will contact the police and see if they can pass on a message of thanks for me. How easy it could have been for him to just turn a blind eye. So while there is injustice, there is also kindness.

It is really all in the way you look at it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Re-issuing The Challenge

Way back when I started this blog nearly 12 months ago I set a challenge, I got no responses. That is not to say that nobody took up my challenge, just that no-one commented. So today I am re-issuing that challenge. Will you take me up on it, will you let me know how it went for you? It is still something I try and do every day.

What Would You Do?

I love this You Tube clip - not just because of the fact that The Sound of Music is one of my all time favourite movies but because being a people watcher I love to see the unsuspecting public and their expressions.

Look for them rather than watching the dancers - there is some pure joy, people caught up in the experience. Some even dancing on their own.

There are also a few others that just walk on by with little to no acknowledgement of what is happening. Maybe even annoyance.

If we don't take the time to grab little moments of joy, random moments bought to you by someone else - think of what you may be missing. Look around you every day and always try and find the joy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Cakes

I have mentioned before that a great place to go for a laugh is cake wrecks, well you just have to go and check out their Easter cake selection - there are pages of them and you need to go through them all - I have laughed so much my back is hurting. There are some nice ones, just after you start but Page 2 just got me past the point of giggling into raucous belly laughing.

That's one way for me to work off all the Easter chocolate.

Let me know what you think. Here is one to wet your appetite.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Light It Up Blue

Today is Autism Awareness Day, some of my blogger friends and some of my family, deal with Autism as part of their life journeys.

To show my support and love for them and for the every day ups and downs that Autism brings to their lives, no matter where on the Autism Spectrum they or their loved ones fall, here are some beautiful blue things including my favourite things - butterflies, interspersed with my life philosophy - seeing the glass as half full.

No matter what presents life gives you, find the blessings as there are
some even if they are hidden deep.

Rejoice in the butterfly, for they turn from ugly caterpillar to beautiful creature in their life journey, can we not all find something in that message?

On the bad days let your mind drift like the dandelion seeds across a blue sky, to times when things will be better, for it is nice to believe that there is an end to where you are now, you just need to let go to find it.

Find your inner beauty and wear it with pride, for true beauty comes
from within, more often than not through hardship and the choices you make to survive.

Enjoy the rain, for like tears it washes your cares away.

It is easy to focus on the negatives, try to look beyond, for there is beauty all around you.

Need help in Australia - the links below are a starting point

Autism ACT
Autism Tasmania
Autism Queensland
Autism WA


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