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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Half Full Glass

There is a philosophy on how people look at life - the glass half full or the glass half empty. The first supposedly means you see life more optimistically than the second which is viewing the world more pessimistically.

For those of you who may have read my other blog (menopausalmumma) you would hopefully know that I try to see the glass as half full all the time, don't always succeed, but certainly try.

I have for a while been thinking about having a blog that shares a positive view on life and helps us focus on things that can inspire us and brings us joy. I very rarely watch the news anymore or read the paper as I find they are mostly full of stories without hope - and I believe in these time of struggle we all need hope in our lives. Hence the name of this blog and the intent behind it - to bring some fun and positive inspiration to others to help everyone see the glass as being half full. It just needs to start with one person feeling happy and they can ripple it on to others. If 100 people feel good it can ripple out to thousands.

So if you have something in your life or something you do that inspires you or makes you feel good, or you come across a story that makes you feel there is hope in this world, you can email it to me at thehalffullglass@amnet.net.au and I will happily post it here so that together we can inspire others. I may also just have links to other people's blogs if they have a post that I find inspiring, uplifting, funny or zany.

I really feel that if we can try and see the good in all things - even if we have been hurt or disappointed badly there is a lesson that life can teach us - we can survive or we can choose to let life victimise us - what will your choice be? I choose to be a survivor because I deserve to have a life full of good things and I believe that you do too.

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  1. I will go along with the concept of always trying to see the glass half full. I have 2 examples of this in my own life:

    1) I had a lifelong friend that I first met when I was 12 years of age although at that time I didn't like her all that much. She was a bit of a devil at school and me being a goody-goody (actually probably to scared to be naughty) I thought she was awful.
    We met up again when I was about 15 and became great pals and I was her bridesmaid when she married in 1950. Over the years we occasionally lost touch but our friendship would resume as though never broken. I have to be honest in saying she could be quite a difficult and argumentive person and would fall out with friends and lose them. When she was in one of those moods I would just back off and let her get over it. Why? She and I understood each other and with her I think I had more laughs than with any other person I have known. Her friendship was so important to me, bearing in mind that I sometimes may not always be perfect, and the fun we had made me nearly always see the glass half full and when she died earlier this year that particular glass became empty but the memories are still of a glass more than half-full.

    2) I have suffered from various osteo-arthritic problems since I was about 22 years of age and you learn to live with the discomfort. Eventually when I was 76 I had my left hip replaced and then just after turning 77 the right one was also replaced. I am having problems with my right knee and have been told by my surgeon and my physio that a knee replacement is one the cards. I may not now be able to go for the lovely walks by the river that I used to love or browse around various shops, but I still have 2 legs that get me where I need to go, even if rather slowly. If that is not having the glass half-full then I don't know what is...there are so many people in this world so much worse of than I am.



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