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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Acts

In a world that is full of stress and negativity is taking the time to smile at someone too much effort? I sort of hope that for every smile I give someone they might pass it on to someone else because just maybe it makes them feel better. I'm probably being really naive but wouldn't it be nice to have a smile chain-letter (so to speak). A bit like the ripple effect before you know it there is a tidal wave of smiling people - could it be that easy?

So I am setting a weekly challenge to anyone who wants to accept it, how about you pass on a random act of kindness, friendship or caring or even something as simple as a smile to a stranger this week.

It may be just complimenting someone else on their smile, or their service to you, or may be how a certain colour they are wearing suits them and makes their eyes sparkle.

Just some small thing that you normally wouldn't do on a daily basis.

I would love to know how it makes you feel and what sort of response you get from the person you shared this random act with.

We all get so caught up in our own journeys that the blinkers are on and we fail to see what it around us, sometimes the simple act of acknowledging someone else can make not only our life journey better but theirs as well.

Will you take on the challenge?


  1. I will take up your challenge with pleasure, and report back too. Lovely idea.

  2. I love random acts of kindness so am happy to participate!



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