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Thursday, September 3, 2009


Where do you find your inspiration - I would love you share that with me here.

I find mine from nature - the ever changing seasons bring so much into our lives, in each day there is something that can be found that if you look closely enough you can find a parallel in your life - black rainy days are followed by sunshine - or maybe just a little bit of sun shining through to let you know there is light ahead.

Rainbows show you the beauty in a stormy day. Thunder and lightning is followed by peace - it is so quiet when it all finishes.

Spring days bring you sunshine and bird song - if you stop and make the time to listen. New growth all around you.

Autumn brings falling leaves and a time of change.

Summer is hot but often brings balmy evenings when you can lay outside and look up at the stars and marvel at the universe above you.

Babies and toddlers are also inspirational - the sense of wonder you see in their faces as they discover new things around them, the way they laugh so easily - without stopping to worry about what other people think, they way they cry and then put the hurt behind so them quickly - not holding on to it all.

If we could find that wonder in every day, laugh when the feeling overtook us, leave behind the hurt - how much happier we would all be.


  1. For me, it is definitely nature too. Blue skies, warm sunshine, flowers and animals. Being out amongst it, be it walking, gardening, picnicing or sipping wine on the deck enjoying dusk after the kids are in bed. Makes me glad to be alive.

  2. Welcome alliecat and thank you for sharing your inspiration, and for honoring me by following my blog. Feel free to share any time you like. Happy to post blogs here for others as well. xxx



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