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Sunday, January 3, 2010

And So The Year Begins

Well Day 3 of 2010 - are they to be the teens or the tweens given that we traditionally say being a teenager begins at 13?

How has your year begun? Mine has started really well. We welcomed the New Year/Decade with 2 of our closest friends, got to bed about 2am which is way late for us, but had the most wonderful evening full of good food, good friends/new friends, and lots and lots of laughter especially at midnight when I was really tired and kissed my hubby on the check instead of on the mouth!!

Yesterday was my Mum's 78th birthday and I celebrated by going shopping for manchester/linen and got some beautiful new towels - 2 x turquoise bath sheets and 2 x sunshine yellow bath sheets with a bath mat, plus some new bed sheets - I don't like shopping but I love buying linen especially towels. We also got an awesome chocolate and raspberry mousse cake to take to Mum's in the afternoon - yummy - and obviously no calories. It was a great evening with my kids and grandkids coming along to celebrate with Mum.

This morning I woke up to a hot blue sky - so I can see it will be a day indoors for me to keep cool.

If the year has started this well it can only one hopes keep getting better. Hope your New Year is treating you the same.

Hugs from Perth xxx

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  1. I have to thank the family for sharing my birthday with me including fish and chips on the front lawn and of course that (low calorie *_*) delicious cake for which many thanks. Fresh air and fun is the name of the game. xxx



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