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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge - Deep Fried Fruit

Like many of us Leanne from Deep Fried Fruit sees RAK as an event that should happen without prompting and without talking (or blogging) about it, as it just is something you do. Love you Leanne - how I wish that was true for all mankind. So pop on over and read this post, you'll be glad you did.

I love that Leanne regularly tops up expired parking meters - while I have only done that on occasion I have whenever possible given my parking ticket (you know the one you leave on your dashboard to show you have paid to park there) to someone else if it has lots of time left on it. I love seeing the surprise on other driver's faces when I offer it to them.

I hope that you feel as inspired by Leanne's post as I do.


  1. Karen, I loved Leanne's post on this.

    It reminded me that I had agreed to be a part of your challenge.

    I wanted to let you know that I have been active in participating in your challenge. But every time I go to blog about it, I get all cringey and sound like I am big noting myself, LOL! So I haven't posted about them.

    Rest assured though, the little RAKS I have done have been noted by the recipients though, even a couple of lovely bloggers.


  2. Thanks Kakka. A great challenge. A very challenging challenge! Not the actual act, but the writing about the act. Very challenging.

    Thanks Lucy. And yes, I agree Lucy. I just re-read my post and cringed as I was reading it. But why? Why shouldn't we be proud? Because ... it then becomes about us and not about the receiver which takes away from the RAK. An interesting conundrum ...

  3. We too have often handed unexpired parking meter tickets to other people and always loved the look of surprise on their faces. I am not sure we ever have the opportunity these days to do RAKs as we seldom go anywhere but don't think we would brag if we did but just feel content that we had had an opportunity to do something nice for someone else.

  4. I have been thinking quite seriously about these RAKs all of which are very noble but my thoughts then turned to the thousands of volunteers who weekly (sometimes daily even) perform an act of kindness simply be being a volunteer. Some work in ops shops run by Vinnie's, RSPCA, Red Cross etc. Others go out into the community to assist people in all sorts of need. They don't get paid for any of this and I take my hat off to them for what they do. My contribution have been many to these op shops over the years and because I can't get out and about I have crocheted countless rugs and donated them so they could be used in retirement homes or perhaps sold to raise funds for this and that. I have never thought of any of that as being in the category of a RAK but it gives us a different angle on the matter entirely. I am not criticising anyone for publishing what they have done spontaneously for others and it is all part and parcel of being there when needed, which is something which we should all strive to do within our own capabilities.



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