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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

Yesterday while I was driving down to pick up my eldest daughter to take her to visit her Nanna who is very close to leaving this earth, my heart was heavy. Along the journey I happened to spy something that always makes me smile and leaves me with a happy heart.

That things was about 30 odd pelicans soaring on the thermals. I love pelicans. Large ungainly birds on land, they are so light and beautiful when airborne. They float on the air, soaring higher and higher in larger and larger circles. So graceful, so majestic, so beautiful. I love pelicans, on land, but especially in the air. I knew that the day would be okay.

That night when driving home I got to experience another thing that makes me feel good - a full moon rising yellow and round. By the time I was nearly home I got to see the start of the partial lunar eclipse. The moon is always soothing to my soul, a full moon even more so.

Simple things, but things that make me smile. I hope you have simple things in your life that sometimes just appear to remind you that it is not always the big things you need to have in your life.


  1. That's beautiful!
    My simple thing is the beach.
    I don't like to get in, but the sand, the waves, the sea breeze, the sounds....it's instant peace for me. x

  2. I love that you are able to pick out and focus on the simple, beautiful things in life. They are abundant, aren't they, when we just look?

  3. I worry that in the hustle and bustle of modern life that not enough people stop and wonder at and enjoy the simple things that are beautiful to behold but are also free. I love being in the country at night and being able to gaze at the myriad of stars in the sky and think to myself "No, we can't be alone. There must be other beings of some kind somewhere out their, perhaps millions of light years away." Great thought.



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