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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Perspective ... It's all about how you look at it (Part 2)

The last post I did before this blog fell into oblivion for a couple of years spoke of Perspective, it was the blog post that got the most visits (although not the most comments) out of all the posts I have written here at The Half Full Glass. (Feel free to visit the original post using the link)

What I wrote then still holds true to me today.  Many of you may know I had a total knee replacement back in December 2013, just before Christmas.  What you may not know is the depths of despair that I dropped to, especially in the first six months post surgery. I still struggle even now as the knee has not responded as well as I would have hoped.

During those dark nights, and there were many of them, when pain was my constant companion and all I wanted to do was to chop my leg off, I had to work really hard at not dropping so low that I lost all hope.

I use perspective to do just that.

Back then (and sometimes even now) I have a leg with pain, constant pain, but at least I have a leg, there are many that don't who still have the pain even with their leg amputated. (I can say the night pain is now mostly gone)

I may have to continue to walk with a walking stick, even all these months later, but at least I can walk and I am not confined to a wheelchair.

I may still be sleeping in the spare bedroom as I continue to have periods of insomnia even though I am now off all my pain killers, except for the occasional panadol, but I have the luxury of a spare bed when there are people on the streets who call a cardboard box home.

I also have a hubby who loves me enough to not be offended that I am not sharing the marital bed on a permanent basis.  There are many who do not have a supportive spouse, or a partner or are alone.

I know just how hard it is sometime to keep things in perspective, but I encourage you to try.

Thanks for popping by xxxx (oh and the photo is my jasmine springing into life)


  1. Hugs. I do love your attitude - and admire your wisdom.

    1. Thanks EC, I've always tried to see the glass as half full, although earlier this year it was a daily struggle. Thanks for popping on by xxx

  2. The jasmine is really spectacular this year and hope it doesn't upset your hay fever too much.
    I read through this post quite seriously and I can sympathise and empathise with much of what you say. I've often said to you "I feel low, I have pain, I wish I could do more but there are always thousands, perhaps millions, much worse off than I am". We have to keep that perspective in our lives so we can continue on hoping things will improve, if not greatly but at least a little in the future for us. xxxx

    1. I cope with the Jasmine as it is not too close to the house. I know you and I are in a similar boat and both of us try and keep our perspective. Hugs xxx



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