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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life Is LIke A Winter's Day

I was sitting at my desk this morning, looking out at the climbing rose, admiring how much it is flourishing under the blue winter sky - no clouds, just fresh winter sun. Thinking to myself how funny it is that a plant could reaffirm to me so many life lessons.

I then got busy on my computer and in my study - still sorting out stuff - my life seems full of stuff.

The next time I looked out the window I was surprised to see a grey sky instead of blue - no real clouds (obviously high ones that blended together to make the grey) but not stormy at all just grey. Probably only 15-20 mins had passed and yet the day took on a totally different hue.

This got me to thinking about how life is like a winter's day - one minute sunny and one minute grey. But rather than let the grey get me down, I gave thanks that more rain was on the way, we so desperately need it here in Perth. It is also warmer when there is cloud cover and we have been having some cold nights that play havoc with my old bones. But I also looked forward to knowing that the blue will come back, something to look forward to. A bit like eating the veggies you don't like knowing that you are saving the good part of your dinner for last.

Life is like that - one minute good things are happening, the next some more difficult one may appear, but the difficult ones can allow you to achieve things you didn't think you could, and for most of us there is light at the end of the tunnel - your blue sky so to speak.

Who would have thought that moving my study into a new room would give me the opportunity to become so philosophical on such a regular basis.

My wish for you is that I hope your life is giving you a good balance of fresh blue winter skies to outweigh the grey ones.


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