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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Cakes

I have mentioned before that a great place to go for a laugh is cake wrecks, well you just have to go and check out their Easter cake selection - there are pages of them and you need to go through them all - I have laughed so much my back is hurting. There are some nice ones, just after you start but Page 2 just got me past the point of giggling into raucous belly laughing.

That's one way for me to work off all the Easter chocolate.

Let me know what you think. Here is one to wet your appetite.


  1. Oh, that made my day Kakka, totally and utterly! Thanks x

  2. Oh too funny K, thanks for that!

  3. I luuurve Cake Wrecks, a great way to start the day with a giggle :)

  4. 累死了…來去看看文章轉換心情~........................................

  5. Thanks for bringing Cake Wrecks to my life. Bit worried that some of my efforts could feature on there...

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments. I pop over to CW about once a month and have never been disappointed that there is not something to make me laugh.

    @ Allison t - I don't even attempt to make cakes for that reason.



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