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Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's All In The Way You Look At It

As you know this is my blog where I try and spread my philosophy of seeing the glass as half full. I have said before it is not always easy to do. Today I have struggled, but I have got there - well almost.

Last night my son was assaulted and robbed. He was walking from the train station after finishing work and catching the train home - around midnight. He was minding his own business when he saw a person approaching from the other direction. This person asked him for a cigarette, there was a small conversation and then as he walked away was king hit from behind. He was knocked unconscious and then kicked in the head by the low-life, who then stole his bag that contained his wallet, his iPod, his house keys etc.

So where is the half full glass in this, well it is not immediately obvious, but here goes:

1. there was a witness who frightened the person away, called the police and ambulance and stayed with my son and reassured him as he started to regain consciousness.

2. my son was not badly hurt, yes he has concussion and is very sore, but he did not end up on life support, with a brain injury, or worse dead. There are no broken bones. Too often lately I have read about young men being king hit and dying, either immediately or their family having to turn off their life support.

I could focus on the horrible thing that has happened, and it has been hard not too, but I choose to give thanks and see the glass as half full. I still have my son, who I am sure will be scarred not only physically but emotionally for some time to come. But he is still here with us. He remembers none of the attack apart from someone asking him for a cigarette as they walked up to him in the dark.

Sure I feel like railing against the injustice, he was minding his own business, he didn't ask for the attack, but holding on to the initial anger and hurt I felt will not make my son feel safer in the world, nor will it turn back the hands of time. Putting that aside and being there for my son, supporting him in a positive manner, that will help him.

I would like to thank the good Samaritan, but my son doesn't know his name, or even which house he came from as he can't remember exactly where he was only the street. But should he ever remember I will try and personally thank this man for this kind heart. I will contact the police and see if they can pass on a message of thanks for me. How easy it could have been for him to just turn a blind eye. So while there is injustice, there is also kindness.

It is really all in the way you look at it.


  1. Oh no, what a horrible thing to have happened to your son, and you.
    But, yes, you are so right, Thank God it wasn't worse.
    Beautiful attitude. xx

  2. oh Kakka, huge hugs to you and your son. And to the good samaritan too xxx

  3. Oh my, that is terrible! Such random violence, it scares me about our world today. I am so glad he is okay, and as you say, only sore, and not much much worse injured. Thank God there are good samaritans left in this world. Thinking of you and your son


  4. A mark of your amazing sense of grace that you can still see the positive in all this. Hugs to you, and thank goodness he is OK. xx

  5. Kakka, I'm so sorry, what a horrible thing to have happen. I'm glad your son is okay, that is the important thing. You're amazing that you can see the positive in this. Kudos to you.

  6. Thank you everyone for your concern. My son is doing okay. I am going to do a post on my other blog. Your comments helped to heal my heart. xxx



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