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Friday, April 2, 2010

Light It Up Blue

Today is Autism Awareness Day, some of my blogger friends and some of my family, deal with Autism as part of their life journeys.

To show my support and love for them and for the every day ups and downs that Autism brings to their lives, no matter where on the Autism Spectrum they or their loved ones fall, here are some beautiful blue things including my favourite things - butterflies, interspersed with my life philosophy - seeing the glass as half full.

No matter what presents life gives you, find the blessings as there are
some even if they are hidden deep.

Rejoice in the butterfly, for they turn from ugly caterpillar to beautiful creature in their life journey, can we not all find something in that message?

On the bad days let your mind drift like the dandelion seeds across a blue sky, to times when things will be better, for it is nice to believe that there is an end to where you are now, you just need to let go to find it.

Find your inner beauty and wear it with pride, for true beauty comes
from within, more often than not through hardship and the choices you make to survive.

Enjoy the rain, for like tears it washes your cares away.

It is easy to focus on the negatives, try to look beyond, for there is beauty all around you.

Need help in Australia - the links below are a starting point

Autism ACT
Autism Tasmania
Autism Queensland
Autism WA


  1. I didn't realise it was Autism day last week! Thanks for sharing that, now that I am aware I will keep my eye open for it next year. Hugs, L



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