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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The 11th Day of Christmas

Well the 11th day of Christmas sees me busily wrapping Christmas presents and thinking, boy I have gone overboard again!!! Obviously still a lesson I need to learn and not taught in 2009 - but then again, while I can give I love doing so.

So what else can I share on this 11th day of Christmas? Well, 2009 saw me start this 2nd blog as a way to try and inspire others with my life philosophy. I had hoped that other bloggers might send me inspirational stories of their own that they would like to share. Initially I was a little disappointed that it didn't happen that way. But then I realised that it was unfair of me to have expectations of strangers and I should be happy that people come and visit and read and hopefully go away with something to think about, something that might help them in their life journey - and really that is enough.

And so I blog when I have time and have something to share, I no longer feel guilty if that is not every day or every week, for there should be no expectation by me on me either.

So I hope that you have found the odd thing here and there that has helped. 2010 may bring more, but only time will tell.

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