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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The 7th Day Of Christmas

The 7th thing 2009 has bought me is a renewed sense of looking at life with the glass half full.

I have had some ups and many downs this year - probably more than in any other year that I can think of. I have had more pain than ever before, I've been more lonely than ever before, I've felt sadder then I have in a lot of years. There were days and days of sadness, loneliness and pain - maybe even weeks. Some times I got bogged down in it, but always I tried to think of my glass as half full. For no matter how bad my pain was, someone somewhere is always worse, no matter how lonely I felt because my hubby was away - I had family and friends and knew he would be back - some people have no-one in their lives. No matter how sad I got, I only need to have my chicken (my eldest grand-daughter) ring me up and hearing her voice put a smile on my face, I only had to spend some time with my munchkin (my youngest grand-daughter) to have a happiness injection. And though it all, I had my sisters and my family loving me just because they can. So really my life is very blessed and I am so thankful to be walking this earth each and every day.

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